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More than 2 million people choose Xero because...

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Log on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone for instant, real time information

Cloud System, Auto Back-up 24/7

No Need for Data Backup, No Need For System Upgrade

Key Features

Sales and Online Invoicing

‘InvoiceNow’ speeds up your invoicing process and makes it simple for customers to pay you faster!

Capture Bills and Receipts In A Snap

Paperwork is easier to capture and gets stored automatically with Xero Accounting

Automated Bank Feeds

Import bank transactions and streamline bank reconciliations

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following benefits:-

PSG Approved Vendor

which entire you to 80% Grant on the package

Professional Accountant

seamless experience to accounting setup and system migration


for maximum effectiveness and efficiencies

Customised Training

fit for purpose, tailored to your business

Results Guranteered

Simplify processes for greater productivity

Accounting Support

1 year of free Professional Accounting Support

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Accounting Services

“Xero has no doubt significantly improved our productivity.”

John Doe

“Accounting Consultancy Pte Ltd has in depth knowledge on Xero, and they are government approved vendor. Very happy with their service”


Xero Accounting Sotware


$120.00 per 1 year subscriptions

(Entitle to 80% of PSG Grant)

Xero 1 year subscription
Free Support
Database & Templates Setup
Customised Xero Users Training
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